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Job Description of the Certified Recovery Specialist or peer support specialist

Following the guidelines set by the employer, the CRS will interact safely and effectively with consumers to:
  • Assist peers in articulating personal goals for recovery
  • Assist peers in determining reasonable and holistic steps moving toward recovery
  • Assist peers in identifying barriers to recovery goals
  • Assist peers in identifying personal strengths in daily living and recovery skills
  • Observe and reinforce positive progress that peers make toward recovery goals
  • Teach problem-solving skills
  • Teach peers to identify and combat negative self-talk
  • Teach peers how to identify and overcome fears
  • Support the vocational choices peers make and assist them in overcoming job-related anxieties and conflicts
  • Assist peers in building social skills by demonstrating and reinforcing proper conduct and respectful interaction
  • Utilize his/her unique recovery experience to teach and role model the value of every individual's recovery experience.
  • Maintain effective coping and self-help techniques.
  • Continue to develop professional skill by maintaining certification through required coursework
  • Investigate community resources for appropriateness of services to peers
  • Maintain confidentiality of peer information
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with peers and avoid dual relationships within the <form action
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