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Pathways to HOPE class 2016

June 2016 testimony

"From our first encounter I knew that my GOD had placed me where my family needed to be. My GOD needs me to thank you for having faith and never giving up. That program and yourself were placed there for many reasons. When we have faith Nancy everything single thing we feel, think, say and do is faith based. Thank you for being you."  From Pathways to HOPE group participant.

May 27, 2016

Dove Support Ministry has opened doorways for my family that would have otherwise been closed. Suffering from depression and the loss of my husband, I needed to find my way out of the dark hole I was in. Peer to Peer meetings offered by Dove Support Ministry was exactly what I needed.

By not having to identify our reason for attending the meetings, each person met on the same platform-the need for recovery.  My daughter suffering from depression and physical abuse has attended classes and has also benefited. Discussing self-esteem, weaknesses and strengths, spirituality and day to day life, she has begun to find a road map by which to follow and live.

Drug abuse stemming from depression and PTSD has hit our family just as it has so many families in the US. Two members of our family decided to attend who were working to stay clean. They would not have had the opportunity to work with others who did not have this problem. They felt for the first time that with peer to peer they did not carry a label.

Homelessness, a huge problem in the US, has also touched our family. I suggested they attend peer to peer Dove Support Ministry meeting for they had no direction for recovery. In meetings, they ae realizing they have talents to offer and strengths to lean on. They also are not labeled in these meetings for the first time in a long time.

Many in our meetings have begun to make life changing decisions. Some who have given this power to others are beginning to be empowered. Others are learning that being empowered (not labeled) allows them to make decision about what steps they need to make to have recovery in their life’s.

Dove Support Ministry offers a great service to those who cannot afford to be left behind by other services. Nancy Garner helps to guide each of us to recognize that we can be well again.



" After hearing my Peer's story's of recovery and moving on and having a successful life after addiction, mental illness, and abuse it is very empowering to hear each story and how resources were used to help each person in different ways. How taking a free class like Pathways to HOPE can help you work through your roadblocks and stumbling  stones to help you find your inner self. The self that was there to begin with that is hidden beneath all our burdens. The empowerment comes once you find that inner self." Karla

“We need to advertise more for next year's peer support conference because this was too great for people to miss. I know others who could have benefited from this conference." kay

"too great to put into works." anonymous

"I just love the concept and it lights up your pathway to make it easier to grow something I could never do. But, I also have been building a better relationship with God. What miracle will happen next. Your the best Nancy and we really appreciate you." Christina

"Nancy, I am other people who have met you along our paths in life have come to know that you are important part of some grand, wonderful plan about people helping people. Life becomes tough for many people and your program is starting to become a beacon of hope and love. Congratulations again." David Hock

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