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Pathways to HOPE educaion support group
Pathways to HOPE
Pathways to HOPE Education support group to begin


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updates 2016

We ended another grant year in June 2016. We had begun a Peer Run Recovery Center using a room New Albany housing rented to us for 100 a month. But, even though it  could be renewed, they decided not to renew the lease for what ever reason. We moved out by July 13th due to my having to have hand surgery on July 21st. I did the very best I could to help the community understand what the center was about but I think it was the location mostly.


the conference went well even though only 17 attended. Received an email two weeks later that we have been selected to have grant funding support from Division of Mental Health and Addictions to start a Peer Run Recovery Center. Unfinished Church in New Albany Indiana has opened their doors as a partner to help Dove Support Ministry Inc begin our dreams and visions for this center. Their vision is also for a Community Recovery Center. We are located in an area of New Albany that really need this kind of services.

Pathways to HOPE educaion support group

The first pilot study for Pathways to HOPE education program began on august 19, 2014. It is going well but we would do better with more people attending. I am learning more of what southern indiana needs in mental health care and what needs to be explained more, like what is a consumer of mental health services. We don't think that we are consumers as in shopping in a store or purchasing items in a store and therefore having a say in that role as a consumer. The group will learn more about their strengths and how to use these strengths to walk into their visions and dreams writing goals towards those dreams.

Pathways to HOPE

Received the of many I am hoping to attend the Education support group starting august 19th.
I hope lots want to try this recovery group.

Pathways to HOPE Education support group to begin

June 29, 2014
Received the email yesterday that the Community Mental Health Block Grant from Indiana Family of Social Services Administration and Division of Mental Health and Addiction has been activated on June 20, 2014 with activity to be begin July 1, 2014.

We can then begin to take registration for our first pilot study to develop an education program for mental health recovery. We can start speaking to groups, peers, professionals and churches about Pathways to HOPE group and what this involves.

We were selected for another Grant funding

wow. Got the letter from the Division of Mental Health and Addictions that we were selected for another grant funding. This time to support Pathways to HOPE program development that will then be offered under Dove Support Ministry Inc. We use the workbook called Pathways to Recovery and look at our strengths that will lead us to our dreams and visions.

There are several steps to go before the grant is activated but this funding  is to begin July 2014. So stay tuned for more information and the celebration party.

Pathways to HOPE education group

It has been awhile since I added a comment. We wrote and send our second grant proposal to The Division Of Mental Health and Addictions.  It is very competitive with only 4 to 6 selected this year to help with a consumer operated business or service activity, dream, vision in the state of Indiana. We are believing God has a plan.

We have been without funding since September 2013 when the first grant funding ended. But, we have kept the COB/Non profit going. Why would God have us start a ministry to our peers in mental health to only close it a year later.

Pathways to Recovery Support Group study

progress of support groups

I am suspending all support groups till next year. There is lack of interest and attendence. I may be changing the groups to another location outside of the hospital. This may be a triggering factor for some especially those just discharged from the hospital.
we may start a recovery study using Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud. This ministry is not a church but is faith based in that God will never be taken out of my recovery story for mental health. He will always be the one guiding this ministry to walk with my peers.

ministry progress

I do not add to this very often but so much has happened. The Division of Mental Health and Addiction had offered to extend the present grant contract for three more months for July, August, and September 2013. This is such a blessing. In this time we will be able to form a board of ditectors and not just an advisory board and then apply for the 501c3 tax exempt status by september. It will take up to 6 months from that point to hear back from the IRS. But, if given the exempt status it would go back to the beginning of the nonprofit registration date in July 2012.
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