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The dream or destiny even in 2003

I found an email I had send out to my friends while in college in 03 and looking for an internship to finish up the requirements for psychology. I had lost a career over night and almost living out of my car. I had not income but received from friends and went to any function that served food.
I wrote, "I have been looking for an internship for school and in actuality I am already doing an internship. It is a life experience internship. I just am unable to place this on my resume or have it placed on my transcripts as having an internship so that other colleges will know.
I have had to do research on housing, funding to help pay rent, utilities, and have collected articles on the homeless and the problems and needs of hte homeless.
I have eaten with the homeless and low income, observed their personalities, understood their needs and wants. I have started to develope their personality type. I search my sofas an all my pockets in my pants and jackets of even pennies to help buy the next gallon of gas in my car. I take what ever is given to me for free and I am starting to hoard food and such because I don't know when I will get the next food supply. I have to plan ahead if there is no place to live. I have no money to do laundry so I hand wash my clothes at night one by one. These are the ways of the homeless. I am finding that places that are to have fundings don't really have them.
We live in a fish bowl. We can only see the world from our situation. If we are rich with money and have all our basic needs met, we can't see beyond that fish bowl. When we suddenly are in a situaltion that takes us out of that secure fish bowl where we have all we need in life, (or out of the box kind of thinking), we see what others have gone throudh and we never even saw theri needs before. We can't understand someone else's pains and needs unless we have been there and have experienced them also.
My whole life has been an internship and what I have learned I can us to help others.
If I could I would be going around and talking on the issues and needs that I see are there. I can see myself doing that very thing but I may never really do it. They say picture yourself doing something and you will find yourself doing that very thing. I am going to try and picture that very thing and then see if it comes about as I pictured it. I don't feel I attended the class on "Speak up with confidence" with Carol Kent at church for no reason."
That was 2003. Look what is happening today. I do not know what all God will continue to have happen but he is allowing me to walk beside my peers using the skills from my life internship. So hold onto your dreams through those hard difficult days. You will make it to empowerment, healing and recovery.

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Detra on Friday, October 12, 2012 5:09 PM
What a journey God has you on. He knows the good plans He has for you. So continue on in the journey He has you on so that you will come to His expected end for you.
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nancy garner on Saturday, May 25, 2013 1:12 PM
thanks so much detra. I am just learning about my web site and blog..

Pastor Shon on Friday, October 12, 2012 7:21 PM
Powerful...I love your transparenIcy !!
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nancy on Saturday, May 25, 2013 1:15 PM
thanks shon. I appreciate this so much.

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